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Sample floorpan

Show FloorPlan

 Design color coded interactive floor plans.

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Show Ticket Sales

Sell, Record and Scan Show Tickets

Exhibitor Database

Keep track of all your exhibitors on one comprehensive database.

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Testimonials What Our Clients Say

  • “Our one regret is we didn’t do this 3 years ago. It would have saved us money and time.”

    “We are all extremely pleased. Thank you for your speed in getting us online.” 

    Lynda Jungkind
    Publisher & Show Producer
  • “The floor plan tool alone saves us many steps of showing a customer what is available and getting them to make a buying decision so they can have the booth spot they want.”

    “I would recommend Trade Show Toolkit to any one in the trade show industry.”

    Debra Cobb Hansen
    Publisher & Show Producer
  •  “[Trade Show Toolkit] has incredible power in its back office. The amount of reports and configurations to access data on my show and the vendors is incredible. Just when I think I have learned all that it can do, I will either find something new…”,

    Renee Kopp
    Bridal Show Producer,

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