Hansen Software Solutions was founded in 2004 by a young software designer named Ty Hansen.  The business grew out of his desire to help his mother who orchestrates the most successful bridal show in Las Vegas,  Bridal Spectacular.  He saw a need for software which would help her run all aspects of her show from the website, including on-line pre-registration, to ticket processing at the entry point and everything in between.  Ty took this need and got motivated.  In his pursuit he attended the University of Advanced Technology graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering.

He then went on to develop Trade Show Toolkit and the LockLeads system. It has been used in practical application running Bridal Spectacular Events ever since. Though the original version of the Trade Show Toolkit was tailored to the bridal industry it is well suited for any type of event or industry. Ty created Hansen Software Solutions and made available this valuable system to others.

Hansen Software Solutions monitors the satisfaction and desires of it's clients closely and modifies the program as necessary for each clients particular needs.

If you are currently or are considering having an event or organizing a convention this is the software for you! The Trade Show Toolkit has many features to suit your needs visit the product page for complete descriptions of all the useful items including floor mapping system for sales of floor space and even a bar code scanner to control event entry as well as many other helpful tools to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Hansen Software Solutions is responsive, inventive and will work with you to make sure your event flows evenly start to finish. TSTK is perfect for novice and expert alike. If you would like to see Hansen Software Solutions Trade Show Toolkit in action visit Bridal Spectacular Events web site and see for yourself or just contact us for a live real-time demonstration on your computer.