LockLeads is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a new and innovative way to maintain and disseminate your lead lists to authorized 3rd parties. If you have a list of email addresses which you share with vendors, partners, or others, LockLeads will simplify that process for your you and for them... while giving you VETO power over what they are doing with your leads.

   Your vendors will receive a list of email addresses which have been anonymized, providing the vendor an alias email address for each recipient. All email sent to that address is logged, authorized, and improved with an Opt Out link and built in analytics. The process is transparent to the sender and the recipient.

     You gain the confidence of being able to see exactly what is being done with your list, they get automatic feedback on email open rates and more to focus their marketing efforts.

 LockLeads benefits:

★   Keeps your leads safe from being solicited from persons not on your vendors list. Protecting your vendors investment in you.

★   Protects your recipients from long term or rampant spam.

★   Gives your list subscribers confidence by keeping his/her email secured from the masses.

★   Provides you the ability to monitor the communication between the vendor and the recipient. If the vendor breaks rules of your contract you can immediately revoke their ability to contact your list, then reinstate, as desired.

★   Automatically improves CAN-SPAM compliance of emails the avoid ending up in spam filters.

★   Provides feed-back statistics on email contacts.

★   Gives you in depth analytics on your vendors use of your lead lists.

★   Limits the number of emails each vendor sends is to an average of 2 emails a month, to help keep all vendors emails out of spam of filters.  (If a particular vendor feels he/she wants to email more often, additional emails can be purchased by you or directly from by the vendor.)

★   The whole process goes on without your vendor or patron having to do anything different.

★  If a recipient responds to a vendor’s email, the patron’s real email will be revealed and is no longer protected under LockLeads.

      Here is an example of how LockLeads benefits one of our clients:  “In our own bridal show, we have found a few vendors may send emails advertising other shows they will be attending.  As advertising for other bridal shows to our leads is against our contract, we have been able suspend the offending vendors ability to send out any more emails until we have been able to communicate with them and adjust the behavior.  We can also see when and how often vendors send emails.  If a vendor complains of not getting good responses from the show we can look to see if they adequately used the leads we gave them.”

Recent Email Activity Report
Recent Email Activity Report
Lead List usage stats by Vendor
Lead List usage stats by Vendor