Trade Show Toolkit

     Trade Show Toolkit (TSTK) is a full feature content, e-commerce, and leads management system designed to make your shows easier to produce (as if the word "easy" could be associated with being a show producer... HA!) Trade Show Toolkit takes over many aspects of your web site like auto-populating your directory of vendors, and managing your ticket sales with an e-commerce system which adds support for electronic will-call and bar-coded ticket scanning.  TSTK lets you build your show floor plan with a web based editor which is easy to use and modify, then it automatically redraws the floor plan so you can know which booths are available at any given time.  TSTK offers a depth of reporting which can help you better see who your customers are, and use the information to better sell to your vendors.

     We are so confident you, your vendors, and their customers will love our software there is NO contract.  If you find a better program you are welcome to change at any time.


Here are just few of the Tools you will find available to you in your Trade Show Toolkit.

  • Floor plan layout and design, plus export as JPG and PDF
  • Vendor leads download with LockLeads security, with emailing tools and printing tools like address labels for direct mail.
  • Distribution Management system, keep the delivery team honest and efficient when distributing your magazines/postcards.
  • Exhibitor contact database, with reports such as Exhibitors By Show, Unbooked Exhibitors, and more.
  • Show ticket sales, with support for promotional codes and specials. Fully integrated with PayPal and Credit Card processing.
  • Patron/guest registration, both show registration and non-show registrations supported.
  • In depth reporting, see demographics, statistics, historical comparisons, and more.
  • Blog integration allows you to use a single WordPress interface to write content for both your blog and your website
  • Custom pages with data YOU want to keep in your CMS (Content Management System) site, unlimited custom tables and fields.

We are constantly developing new features based on things on our wish-list, and the wish-lists of our clients. Below is a list of  some of the new features developed in the past few months. I know that when you see what Toolkit can do you're just gonna love it!

  • Unbooked Exhibitors Report
  • Events Calendar Page (show your upcoming shows along with other events)
  • Report of exhibitors by show date
  • Export functionality for exhibitors and many other reports to Excel, Access, CSV, etc.
  • Import Wizard for Exhibitors and Patrons
  • LockLeads Email Report
  • Report of Exhibitors Recently Added
  • LockLeads Email Sender (Simple form, Subject, Body, Attachment)
  • QuickLink to resend Leads Download email to CMS
  • Patron event Frequency Report
  • Added CMS Data Export to Access or Excel
  • Promo/Coupon code report tells you how your codes are being used
  • Ability to send email with magazine embed/link to patron after registration
  • Categories are now editable by each client, with control over Title, Meta Description, etc.
  • Floor plan download as JPG and PDF, booth size templates, other improvements
  • Custom Exhibitor Fields managed by you!
  • Exhibitor email blast tool in CMS (send to all of them at once)
  • Automatic emails popup and confirm with the user before sending, giving summary of email to be sent
  • Download Leads filtered by and sorted by Patron event Date
  • Address Labels for Patrons to print and bring to show
  • Avery Address Labels generator for CMS reports
  • Distribution tracking log
  • Advanced Magazine Distribution management system, streamline your distribution and keep a sharper eye on it
  • Custom Leads Download, Pick your fields and sort it your way!
  • New fields for storing show information  plus support for custom fields picked by you
  • CMS now supports partial pages, the ability to manage content on basically every page on your site!
  • Address verification checks and improves upon addresses entered/imported, both Exhibitors, Potential Exhibitors, and Registrations
  • Exhibitor now supports specific email address for leads notifications
  • Added ability to forcibly allow or deny an exhibitor access to all show leads
  • Featured Content Editor allows full control of home page content sections
  • Distribution system highlights overdue stops
  • Distribution system can now export a Garmin GPX file, load your location into your GPS with just a drag and drop
  • Coming Soon - Email Scheduling system lets exhibitor setup Constant Contact like campaigns right on your web site, send an email automatically 90 days before a given date and much more.