Trade Show Toolkit for Bridal Show Producers

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Trade Show Toolkit #1 was made available for bridal show producers starting in May 2010.  This product allows show producers to post an interactive floor plan on their websites and was unveiled during the BSPI conference in Las Vegas. The product has already been successfully used by several bridal show producers for the last several years and has received rave reviews. One of the companies currently using this product is Bridal Spectacular Events, Inc.

The floor plan tool allows show producers to sell booth space for their shows, post the new vendor in their booth, change floor plans instantly, color code booths sold by categories, and allow the prospective vendors to see the floor plan to choose their space  and so they know who else is in the show. It also allows for additional information to be viewed as a pop up on each vendor.

The Trade Show Toolkit creator is Ty Hansen, Hansen grew up working in the family bridal show business which gives him unique insights into the needs of a bridal show producer.

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